November 27, 2023
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Product Description

Clix Wipers HeaderClix Wipers Header

The Ultimate Wiper BladeThe Ultimate Wiper Blade


Clix Installation SystemClix Installation System

Premium Wiper ElementPremium Wiper Element


Our Clix Wipers are designed with a flat aerodynamic shape that reduces wind noise and chatter. The internal metal strip applies constant pressure along the length of the blade which also has a built in spoiler that allows easy air flow.

Clix Installation System

Our Clix Installation System allows for you to easily install your wiper blades with 2 easy steps. First, install the clip that’s provided to you on your wiper arm. Then take your Clix Wiper and “Click-On” to the clip.

Premium Wiper Element

Clix Wipers use premium wiping elements. Our OG includes a 100% natural compression molded rubber last up to 1 Million cycles while the Silicone+ includes an advanced silicone rubber embedded with a rain repellent and last up to 2 Million cycles.


Cycles Tested
1 Million 2 Million 1 Million

Embedded Rain Repellent

Endures Temps to +500° F

Withstands Temps to -140° F

Custom Design Frame

Easy Clix Installation

Flex Frame Design

BUILT TO LAST: Designed for superior, long-lasting performance. Clix Wipers premium wiper blade features a graphite coated compression-molded rubber squeegee—providing exceptional cold-weather durability, streak-free cleaning, and a strong, flexible grip. The curved blade and aerodynamic flex frame ensure even all-weather clearing up to 1.5 million cycles.
UNIVERSAL FIT: Crafted to fit your ride. These colored carbon fiber frame wiper blades are compatible with 97% of all wiper assemblies on cars, trucks, ATVs, RVs, buses, and more for a genuinely universal replacement. Sold as single blade refills with two starter clips, mix and match your favorite colors for a unique, custom style.
ONE CLICK: Install your wiper blade replacements in seconds. Remove your old blades, add a starter clip to the wiper arm, and click on your Clix Wiper Blades for a instant, ultra-secure hold. Only Clix Wipers features our patent-protected, one-click system for easy, hassle-free installation. Check out our videos for a step-by-step guide!
CLIX WIPERS: After 25+ years in the windshield wiper manufacturing business, we saw a need for something better in the industry. With Clix Wipers, we sought to innovate windshield wipers for good, putting drivers and improved road safety first. We’re proud to bring easy-to-use quality products to our customers and are available for any questions or support you need!