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window regulator replacement
window regulator replacement by mobile service auto glass

What is the Window Regulator all about?

The power window motor is an electrical motor with gears that engage the window regulator. The motor takes the drivers input via a switch and sends a power signal to the motor to move the window up or down. The window regulator transfers power from the window motor to the window glass, moving it up or down. The regulator is made up of two tracks, a thin metal cable, and some plastic pieces that act as guides for the cable. These plastic pieces over time will break causing the metal cable to come loose and the window to fall inside the door. This will require the regulator assembly to be replaced. Most window motors and regulators are sold as a unit.

How it’s done:

  • Remove door panel to gain access.
  • Remove and replace faulty regulator.
  • Check operation of the window regulator and motor.
  • Reinstall door panel.
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