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August 8, 2021
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4 Best Selling Approaches

It is the job of the sales person to sell and bring about results in the business. Yet, a good salesperson has an additional job, which is to prevent or eliminate problems for the buyer and to give him a confidence which will lead him to buy.

Here are the ways to prevent or eliminate problems in the buying decision:

1. Be confident. To sell you have to be confident. You have to convince the buyer that you are trustworthy. A sales person must be on the look out for opportunities and should see new customers as the coming on of the business. When you have a customer who trusts you, he knows that you are capable of giving good quality and value for money.

2. Know your customer. How much time do you spend on your customer. Do you know their business situation and demands? You must know their wants and needs before you try to sell them something. Also, ask your customer for some time to explain what you have to sell. This is known as an “information gathering approach”.

3. Be honest. Be ready to tell the truth about your products and services. This is important to know the customer’s expectations. If you give a less than truthful account, you may lose a sale. You should be prepared to answer any questions the customer may ask.

Therefore, you have to be a good listener, a good talker, a good listener and talker, good listener and talker and a good listener and talker.

You have to be able to take it in turns to listen to your customer, talk to them and talk to your customer. This attitude must be in all of you to give sales people confidence to be more effective. The confidence will take them to be successful. The other approach is to ask your customer to explain what you have heard. This also builds up your understanding of what the customer wants.

With the two approaches above, you can build up your customer’s confidence to buy from you. The confidence factor also builds up the customer’s confidence. They feel that the business is more in your hands. The more confident they feel they are, the more willing they are to buy.

There is a fourth approach to selling. It is to be able to listen to your customer’s needs. This approach, too, gives you greater confidence in what you are selling. They needs and views things that are important to them.

If you approach selling in this way, your customer will find it easier to buy from you. Your customer will also relate to you. This is the best way to sell.