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Tips to prevent a windshield from cracking

Before spending some money on a windshield replacement or repair, there
are some things you should do to prevent it from suffering any kind of
damage. Though some events cannot be controlled, like a rock accidentally
hitting your car (for example), there is some other stuff you should be paying
attention to. So let’s get ready to find out what you can do right now.


Tips to prevent a windshield from cracking
Tips to prevent a windshield from cracking


1. Get a windshield snow cover or sun shade. Okay, a piece of fabric won’t
prevent the glass from breaking if someone throws a medium-sized rock on
it. That’s true, but at least you can reduce the level of detriment by
purchasing the best cover possible. Choose one made from waterproof
polyester and it will also help to prevent damages caused by snow chunks or
overheating, depending on the place you live in and the season of the year.


2. Stay focused while driving. Avoid any kind of distraction when you are
taking your kids to their college, going to work or giving a ride to a friend. The
better you pay attention to the road, the more you will be aware of any kind
of danger that might threat your vehicle: bent trees with branches at the
point of being broken, small rocks falling down from somewhere.


3. Always park under a shade. The changes in temperature are one of the
worst enemies of a car’s windscreen. A windshield exposed to the sunlight
several hours a day has a higher risk of breaking sooner than expected. In
addition, some studies have revealed that extreme temperatures may cause
the metal frame to expand and contract, therefore damaging the glass little
by little. So try to park under a shade to avoid any of these risks.


4. Keep the windshield clean all the time. A deep cleaning windshield kit will
be enough to achieve this. Remember that a pristine, unspoiled glass is vital
for noticing every detail along the road, thus making your driving experience
a lot safer.


5. Avoid driving behind large vehicles like construction equipment hauling
trailers. This isn’t possible all the time, especially when you’re in a hurry early
in the morning. Be as it may, try to keep distance from large-tows and any
other kind of monster-sized vehicles a lot taller than yours, as most of the
time the waste gravel stuck in its tires could impact your windscreen at any
moment. Also, if you see any fenderless car nearby, slow down to keep it
away at least 300 feet from yours.


6. Avoid using your windscreen as a tanning table. If you are not considering
any windshield replacement or repairing in a near future, then you better
stop mistreating it in any way, shape or form. Some people love to lie on the
glass to enjoy the sunlight while holding hands with their significant other,
but this might lead to a premature deterioration of the material. So stop
placing any kind of heavy objects (or yourself) on it to extend its lifespan.


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