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October 15, 2018
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Windshield replacement  vs windshield repair

So, you have decided to finally invest some money in your car. That is a great
choice, but even so, maybe you are still wandering around asking yourself
what is the right path to follow: should you replace or repair your
windshield? Such a question needs to be answered after doing a proper
research, so here we are to help you clear your doubts

Things you should know before investing in a windshield replacement.

1. How big is the crack? Let’s start from the beginning: you won’t have any
major problems with a dime-sized fissure. However, if the thing is so bad that
interferes with your vision while jeopardizing your security, it is time for a full
replacement. So, you don’t need to be an expert to know the level of the
damage: just apply some logic and be honest about it. Keep this in mind: if
the crack is larger than six inches, replacing the full set will be the best thing
to do.

2. How deep is it? A shallow crack it is a lot easier to repair, or in other
words, it shouldn’t be more than one-inch depth.

3. Type of crack. Knowing the type of damage caused on your car, will let you
know if it is time for a windshield replacement or just a quick fix:

-Chip: it is generally caused by a small or medium rock falling down on the
glass.-Bull’s eye: takes its name from its circular shape with a hit in the middle,
very similar to a shooting target.

-Floater crack: said of any damage that starts in the middle of the
windscreen, two or three inches away from the edge.

-Half moon: kind of similar to the “Bull’s eye” type, but not completely

-Pit: it is just a small crack, but it could get worse at any moment, as a chunk
of glass is missing.

-Stone break: it looks like a small chip, but it tends to get worse within weeks
or days.

-Stress break: a strange yet kind of a common type of break, it is caused by
overheating or just because the glass has gotten old enough, so a windshield
replacement is absolutely mandatory.

Combination break: as you can guess, this is when a windscreen shows every
kind of damage possible, from small to large, shallow and deep, and anything
in between. And as shameful as this is, some irresponsible folks are willing to
drive a long distance like this.

4. Location. If the crack is big enough to block your sight at any level, you
must replace your windshield right away instead of just thinking about fixing
it. Besides, the closer the fissure is from the edge of the windscreen, the
more likely you will have to replace it. Same case as when there’s a deep
damage on both sides of the glass.

5. The budget. You should consider several options before making your
choice. Some mechanical workshops could charge you hundreds of bucks for
any regular job, so do a proper research to avoid being scammed. On the
other hand, if you are looking for a windshield replacement in Simi Valley,
don’t hesitate to contact us at any time!

We can definitely fix windshield cracks

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