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October 15, 2018
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Some people think of their car as another member of their families. No one
can blame you if you’re one of these: after all, your vehicle is the one that
transports you comfortably on a daily basis to your workplace and makes you
save valuable time while running errands all over the city and beyond. In this
context, you should be taking caring of it in the best way possible.

That’s why a cracked windscreen is one of the worst nightmares for any
driver. When such a thing happens, it is time to think about replacing your
windshield. There are several reasons why you should do this, as we explain

Why do I need to replace my windshield?

1. Self-security. The first and most important reason to invest some bucks in
a windshield replacement is your own security. A cracked glass is a potential
risk while driving since it prevents the driver from seeing the road and the
signs themselves properly. Also, it increases the risk of ejection if any other
accident unfortunately occurs.

2. A damaged windscreen may cause the vehicle to run unsteadily, as it
provides the required support for the roof to remain in place. So you may
drive peacefully for awhile if the glass is kind of messed up, but then you can
expect the ceiling falling down on you at any moment, which might be
extremely dangerous for you and the other passengers.

3. The windshield is generally used as a backstop for passenger side airbags
and it is an important element for a perfect airbag deployment. If the
windscreen is partially or completely broken, it could cause a deficient airbag
performance, thus increasing the risk of injury for every person inside the
4. Are you willing to pay out hundreds of dollars in fines instead of
investing that money in a windshield replacement? That’s right: the rate of
forfeits varies from state to state, but it can get as high as hundreds of bucks.

Driving with a defective windscreen or rear window is also illegal in California
(as in virtually every state across the USA) according to the California Vehicle
Code Elements of Section 26710.

5. It is bad for your reputation and public image. Let’s face it: sometimes
you care about what other people say regarding your person, your family… or
maybe regarding your car, especially if they are close friends, coworkers,
your boss, or even worse, your clients, in case you are working on your own.
So just picture yourself picking up some very important people in your
blazing automobile and suddenly they notice that your windshield resembles
a much entangled spider web. Maybe, just maybe, they could think: “if this
person doesn’t take care of their properties… how he/she could take care of
my interests while doing business?” So think twice before postponing that
replacement… please!

If you’re looking for a windshield replacement in Simi Valley we are here to
help you. Our staff has enough experience repairing all types of car glasses
from different brands and models, from Lincoln to Mitsubishi (check out the
information in this website for more details). All you need to do is set up an
appointment and we will be delighted to attend


  • Afton Jackson, November 20, 2022

    Wow, I never knew that an unstable windshield could cause other issues down the line. Driving stability matters a lot during the winter season, as any kind of stability issue will cause you to potentially swerve on the icy roads. I wouldn’t want to experience that at all, so I’ll play it safe and look for an auto glass expert that can help me with some replacements right away.

    • Mobile Auto, February 23, 2023

      You can always call to get a free quote !

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